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We believe in coming together, joining forces to create impactful change towards a sustainable future. The NRG Campus’ purpose is to speed up the transition of the Oil and Gas Industry towards a sustainable future. 

To us, the traditional approaches and cost driven nature of our industry can slow down innovation and change as well as give away the opportunity of being sustainable.
Sustainability is not only about our environment, it starts with us, the people who make the changes and who bring in our core values and passion to make a meaningful contribution to our society. We quickly found out that this challenge is not limited to the Oil and Gas Industry, but is one faced within many more industries.


Looking at the timeline of the Oil and Gas Industry and the impact it has had outside of exploration, production and transportation of oil and gas, the responsibility of our industry becomes clear.

We believe in connecting people from within and outside of our industry to lead us to develop more holistic approaches, with a better world as our goal. 

With the input of all those wanting to be part of our platform, , we build a community with the vision of providing the opportunity for people to find support, inspiration and help in any way to accelerate their organisational and personal lives. Would you like to be part of it? Get in touch with us and sign up for a positive change in our world!


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